Usage Guidelines

Usage Guidelines

Authorized for Church business and operations.

The Church provides electronic messaging systems to conduct Church business and operations. The Church owns the contents of all Church messaging systems.

Sending or forwarding inappropriate content is prohibited.

Sending or forwarding electronic messages that either contain or refer to material that is sexually oriented, offensive, fraudulent, harassing, intimidating, defamatory, threatening, abusive, or improperly discriminatory is prohibited. Such material is not only inappropriate, but may also be illegal, and sending such messages may result in disciplinary action against the user(s) involved.

Personal use

Incidental and occasional personal use of Church messaging systems is permitted. Personal use of Church messaging systems for commercial or political purposes is prohibited, as is any use that is illegal or would bring unfavorable attention to the Church such as broadcasting personal views on social issues.

Access security

Authorized users are responsible to maintain the security of electronic messages and accounts. Access must be secured by an appropriate password or PIN that meets minimum security standards.

Messages related to legal proceedings

Messages pertaining to actual or threatened legal proceedings or government investigations will be retained, as directed by the Office of General Counsel, until the proceeding or investigation is concluded.